We are always on the look out for ideas that will not only make for a better race, but also improve athlete safety.

Our latest ‘tweak’ combines both of these elements and will be in place for our 2017 event.

The change concerns the last mile of the adult run course.

Previously, athletes have returned to the Race HQ area via the main gate of Farleigh School. This has always presented a safety and marshalling issue, with returning athletes coming through the same gate as arriving parents in cars.

This year, we are diverting athletes off the road and into the school via a side gate to the main field. This means that cars and athletes don’t have to mix.

It also means that athletes will complete the last half mile of their race within the stunning school grounds and on grass – guided and marshalled all the way to the finish line and their medal!

We hope you enjoy this change and look forward to seeing you on race day!