For those of you who raced at the Andover Triathlon last year, you will have noticed a lot of building works going on at the school.

This mainly affected the area around transition and the pool exit.

Well, I’m very happy to report that the works are now complete and this means that our race can take advantage of many things.

For starters, the area for transition is bigger and less cluttered. This means that we can space out racking a lot more, allowing athletes better access to their equipment during T1 and T2.

It also means that we can re-design the flow of the children’s transition plan and have bike out and in at opposite ends of transition; taking advantage of the space behind the new astro turf area now the grass is established. This means there will be a slight change to the children’s bike route out of T1.

We will also house our timing guy in a building within transition and move the results screen and printer down to the finish ‘expo’ area – better for the timing guys and better for athletes and their supporters.

Finally, the route out of the pool to T1 is now wider, smoother and without any danger of accidents or trips – always a worry when athletes are going full gas with wet feet!

So all in all, we can’t wait to show you the new layout and finished works and welcome you to our race on the 16th July 2017!